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    The People
    art in public space | Bahnhof Gießen | 2016
  • studio view
    Fields of Memories
    Kunstverein Wetzlar | Gießen | 2016
  • Art in Architecture
    Volksbank Mittelhessen | Servicezentrum Giessen | 2015-2016
  • exhibition view
    Welcome to Milvus County
    Lich, Germany | 2015
  • Three times Milvus Milvus!
    Stencil Art | Gießen | 2016

» It’s time to reflect our society, our environment and yourself. «


Many greetings with a few beautiful impressions of the fair art KARLSRUHE. In the one artist show BIRDS OF PREY we present numerous new works with our partner gallery 2CforArt on 50 square meters at the international art fair. The works include the two new critical paintings View of the Future and Beauty of Arabia. Here, Urban Glamour pick up on the actions of politics and society in Europe, the Middle East and the world.

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Welcome to Fall! A great time of year with lots of changes in the alternation of natur, colorful Trees, misty meadows, rainy days and sunny hours. In the course of the coming days we will finish our last big Mural-Art project of the year, before we retreat to our Studio in preparation for the art KARLSRUHE 2017. But before this year ends, we present to you on the 11th of Novemberwithin the frame of a

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We wish you a great late summer, that is hopefully showing you its best side. In our summer Art Telegram 2016 we want to inform you about upcoming news and projects. Launch 3Steps Online Store on 09.09.2016 Fall-Exhibition: in Licher Barns & Heyligenstaedt Giessen Summer Round Up: UNICEF #sprayforpeace Performance | Projekt159 | Botschafter für Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft | Reflexion Episode 2 Yours truly 3Steps Launch 3Steps Online Store on 09.09.2016 New Screenprint "The Medical

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3Steps | REFLEXION project | Berlin Wall
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3Steps | Werther Mural | Museum Wetzlar 2015
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» We are all driven by our dreams, desires and needs. Our pictures and works are a reflection of those. These shall help the people to find their own. «

3Steps Collective

3Steps is the German street art collective of the twins Kai H. Krieger (1980) and Uwe H. Krieger (1980) and of Joachim Pitt (1980) from Giessen. The works of 3Steps have developed from Mural Art and Street Art. Bright colors and the reflection of a modern society express the intention of the three friends. 3Steps lives and works in the University town of Giessen, central Germany.


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