Heard on the Street

Solo show

Salzburg, Austria | 2016

At the exhibition in 2016 3Steps showed where they’re from. With their solo show “Heard On The Street” at the gallery of Salzburg “2CforArt” they presented art from the year before and some new artworks.

The new works thematically reflect the perception our environment also its transformation and interpretation from the different perspectives of the viewer. Rough imageries and fragments of the road are staged in a new light. Impressions of street scenes, insights in short stories, the written word and the street art combined to complete works of the last three years by 3Steps.

“Heard On The Street” is originally a category from the wall street journal which went with 3Steps while their studies. The claim has in different slogans its fix-place and since the mid 2000th it can be found in their collage works again and again.