August Bebel

Pop Art Portraits

Wetzlar, Germany | 2013

Pop Art portraits of August Bebel, one of the founders of the german socialdemocracy

In its entirety the work is comprised of two spraypainted woodboxes of 100cm by 140cm with collages of historical documents and a mural.

Work description
Additionally to the August-Bebel-Mural 3Steps created two portraits for the special exhibition “Einer von uns. August Bebel und Wetzlar”(One of us. August Bebel and Wetzlar). The two pop-art-paintings by the collective 3Steps were part of the 100th anniversary of death of August Bebel. August Bebel the later co-founder of the SPD did chisel his name into the stairs of the Wetzlarer Dom with an nail and an hammer when he was a young boy. He didn’t get fame for this but he got into trouble. Bebel was the “emperor of the workers”, the adversary of Bismarck, interpret of the dimensions, fighting on the front of equality and smith of the German state. With the street-art painting a contemporary monument was built.