Icons of the 100m sprint

Giessen, Germany | 2013

"Sprint" is an hommage to the achievements of Armin Hary, Carl Lewis and Usain Bolt, documenting the fight for the title in 100m sprint.
The mural represents the unity of man and nature.
The 3steps crew went for their trademark look of clear imagery and bold colors

Armin Hary (Deutschland) - the first sprinter to break the 10 second mark

Carl Lewis (USA) - dominated the 100m sprint between 1983 and 1996

Usain Bolt (Jamaika) - holder of the 100m sprint record


The 100m sprint is probably the best recognised disciplin at both the olympics and the athletics championships. It represents mankinds eternal pursuit of speed and growth.
Through the medial revolution of the 80s and 90s 3Steps grew up with the successes of Carl Lewis who inspired millions all over the world.