The transformation of 3 Berlin Wall segments

Giessen, Germany | 2015

Three Berlin Wall segments serve a transformation process for the dissolving of walls and borders as well as the linking between humans and nature by means of symbolic imagery using experienceable and tangible art performance.
Initiator, organizer and curator of the project is the artists’ collective 3Steps from Giessen.

Start of the performance is their hometown Giessen, which used to be the contact point of many former East German refugees and today receives refugees from around the world.The Berlin Wall parts are to be understood as a medium for existing walls between nations, peoples and cultures, as well as for walls in people’s minds. The aim is tearing these walls and building bridges between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

The first art performances are based on a contextual and temporal reference to German history and the German separation by the Berlin Wall.

According to the quotation of the German philosopher Andreas Tenzer “The strongest bridges are built from stones fallen walls“, it is necessary to move the people towards a sustainable open togetherness.


A transformation process for the dissolving of walls and borders and the linking of people among themselves and nature by means of symbolic imagery, tangible and tangible art performance.

As a medium for the transformation process serve three original Berlin wall parts respectively wall segments. As part of the transformation process, the three parts of the Berlin Wall are to be processed individually in different places by different artists.
The wall segments are part of the international river Tales project subject to a three-stage transformation process for dissolving walls and borders. The project stretches over several weeks or months at various locations.
The placement and transformation at different locations is intended to raise the people’s awareness for walls and borders around the world. Walls are not always visible and boundaries are changing – both have to be recognized and dissolved.