Birds of Prey

One Artist Show

art KARLSRUHE | 2017

In the one artist show “BIRDS OF PREY” we present numerous new works with our partner gallery 2CforArt on 50 square meters at the international art fair.

The works included the two new critical paintings View of the Future and Beauty of Arabia. Here, Urban Glamour pick up on the actions of politics and society in Europe, the Middle East and the world. We also presented the 150 × 220 cm painting Birds of Prey, depicting the first dream of Kriemhild of the Nibelungenlied, based on our 30 × 7,5 m Mural Art painting from last year. In addition, we presented two new sculptures. The “Horse of Prey” is a hand-crafted sculpture of an old broken wooden carousel horse with adapted wings and new mane and tail. The “Typewriter sculpture” is the start of a new sculpture edition, which we will be presented in full this spring.
We dedicated an entire exhibition wall to new mixed media works of the Telephone, Typewriter and for the first time personal computer series with screen print and spray paint on paper collages. Two installations on drawers completed the exhibition. The “Classic Drawers” show motifs of the travel series with screen print, spray paint and collages on vintage wooden drawers. The “Light Drawer” Boxes are made of painted acrylic glass on wooden drawers with LED lighting and painted side walls. They thematize the stories in the rooms of three houses.