Birds of Prey

Tribute to Kriemhild‘s first dream in the Song of the Nibelungs

Giessen | 2016

With a height of 7.5 meters, a length of 30 meters and a total area of 225 square meters, the street art collective 3Steps once again implements a powerful mural painting in the region of Middle Hesse in Germany. The artwork is located at the Hüttenweg in the industrial district in Giessen close to the main station.
The work entitled BIRDS of PREY is a tribute to Kriemhild‘s first dream in the Song of the Nibelungs. In Kriemhild‘s falcon dream, two eagles attack a falcon and tear it up. 3Steps use their heraldic animal – the MILVUS, also known as red kite, instead of the falcon. In the painting it begins its defence. Here it protects itself, minorities and nature. The end of the story is uncertain. The symbolism shows a superiority, which is to oppose. A story that never loses its actuality. The Milvus might stand for the people, while the two eagles stand for different interest groups, parties or presidents. The falcon dream and the work of 3Steps are still a current topic in days like these. In the background of the work detailed scenes from the Nibelung are picutured.